Dr. Chuck Morris Calls to Duty at Fulcrum Performance

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

VINCENTOWN – With more than 20 years of experience and thousands of clients, Dr. Chuck Morris has become one of the country’s leaders in sports science, but the Army veteran said he is not about to rest on his laurels.

Fulcrum Performance is South Jersey’s premier, full-service sports performance training company. It uses science and technology to improve the overall performance and safety of athletes. When U.S. national soccer team star Carli Lloyd needed to prepare for the World Cup, she came to Fulcrum Performance.

“Carli Lloyd came to us as a reference from another one of our pro athletes and she said I need to get ready for the World Cup,” Morris told Front Runner New Jersey.com at The Melanin Market last Saturday (June 13). “She said, ‘They said I’m too old and I need to show them that I’m not.’ Glory to God, think she proved that because she won another record and help her team with another World Cup.”

“I hope the people we work with get in the best shape of their lives, without beating themselves up of destroying themselves. I just want them to be better than we came in,” he added.

Morris can speak to that personally. While in the military he suffered a devastating injury where doctors told him that he would never walk again.

“I was in the Army for two years and split both of my knees,” Morris said. “I did that by slamming into a mountain. I found every book possible on anatomy and how the brain works. It started with me and how can I help myself be better.

“I ran into couple of people who had challenges losing weight, self-esteem and whatever, then all of the sudden it stopped being about me, but helping other people. Now, 24 years later and we have the No. 1 performance lab in the world today. Vincentown right now, outside of Medford, but we’re about to relocate to Cherry Hill.”

Fulcrum Performance, which has the most advanced human performance lab on the East Coast, was the main sponsor this year of The Melanin Market Experience, a business expo made up of African-American small businesses and companies around South Jersey. He said it was important for him to be a part of the event.

READ rest of the Story at Front Runner New Jersey HERE

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