Willingboro U-15 Softball Wins Riverside YAA title again

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media


WILLINGBORO – The Willingboro Police Athletic League U-15 softball team completed a rare repeat in June by winning the Riverside Youth Athletic Association softball league for the second year in a row.


Stephanie Meredith, commissioner of the Willingboro PAL softball said the team was the only squad made up of mostly African-American players just learning the game. Meredith said, though, the girls determination and willingness to represent came shining through.


The Diamond went 6-1-1 and then beat Riverside for the league title in June.


“What makes them so special is their attitude and love for the game,” Meredith said. “They work hard and work together. They play for each other. They have a desire to win and be successful. They love this town and have the desire to showcase the talent they have here in Willingboro.”

FR Willingboro PAL softball
Willingboro PAL U-15 wins Riverside YAA softball title in June. Photo Willingboro PAL Facebook

She said sportsmanship is also something that instill in the girls during their play. She said most of the girls like likely go on to play on their high school teams as well.


“Win, lose or draw, we stand tall,” Meredith said. “That’s our motto.”


Isabella Cottingham, the team’s catcher, said winning the championship had a special meaning for her.


“It felt awesome to win,” she said. “Because I remember when I wasn’t doing anything and I wasn’t good and now we won the championship.

Atiyah McDougald, the Diamonds’ third baseman, said she took pride playing for Willingboro.


“I’m from Willingboro and I wanted to play for my town,” she said. “It felt good to win the championship.”


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